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            Product center

            TZ628 high-speed industrial yarn twisting machine



            • Single spindle control, sinle spindle length count, individual detection in time.

            • interactive interface, adopt PLC industrial digitized control system

            • 2 to 3 stand yarn twisted in one step.

            • Yarn bobbin from the yarn spinning factory can be directly used on the yarn shelf

            • Compared with traditional technical process, saving at least 50% investment via decreasing labor cost, energy consumption and increasing space utilization rate.

            • Controlthe length of every single yarn throughout the whole process

            • Less noise in high production speed

            • Suitable for bigger yarn roll.

            • With start-up system, operation is more convenient. 

            • Real time display of production information. 

            • Using Siemens servo motor in control cabinet; using high speed, high frequency motor in each spindle, Higher reliability and higher practicability. 

            Applied Yarns:

            • PA,PET,BCF,Artificial yarn, etc.

            Technical parameters:

            • Spindle gauge: 400mm or 450/500mm

            • Quantity of spindles: 200 spindles (10 spindles/section) or 152 spindles (8 spindles/section)

            • Max. Spindle speed: 10500r/m

            • Twist range: 60-650t/m

            • Twist direction: S or Z

            • Spindle pot size: Φ250,Φ280,Φ290

            • 450/550mm spindle gauge versions are suitable for BCF